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Unite with fellow volunteer fire departments and firefighters across the state and JOIN ARVFA.

This is an annual membership THAT OCCURS EVERY SEPTEMBER 


Definition of a Volunteer Fire Department:  A department is considered to be a volunteer department even when firefighters are paid per call, or is a combination department. A department is considered not be a volunteer department if its firefighters are career firefighters, meaning that firefighting is how they make their living.

STEP ONE: Identify the name and location of your local volunteer fire department.

Every Fire Department in Arkansas has a jurisdiction or district boundary that any one fire department is responsible for fire prevention and suppression. Therefore, based on where you (firefighter) lives or place of residency, you are encouraged to volunteer with that department that is within the jurisdiction or district that you live or reside in.

You may use the current Department Directory on this website or contact us at , or may reach out to your County Judges Office or County Office of Emergency Management for information.

STEP TWO: Identify who the chief or point of contact of your local volunteer fire department.

Every Fire Department should have a chi or a member of the department that can be reached to answer questions regarding a current application process, and process of attending current trainings and/or meetings. (Meetings are majority held once or twice a month at the fire stations for most of Arkansas Fire Departments)

STEP THREE: Attend meetings and trainings that your local fire department that has required/requested you as a member to attend.

Seek training within your fire department or other fire departments within you county.   Also, check out training online at then in the classroom training and the Arkansas Fire Academy at .

Thanks to a SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response) grant from FEMA, the Arkansas Rural & Volunteer Firefighters Association has been able to develop ways to help every Arkansas volunteer fire department with recruitment and retention.  

Fire Departments can join ARVFA for just $25 per fire department, per year which includes the cost for each Firefighter on your roster  OR  A individual firefighter can join only with a certificate of verification of being a member of a given department when that given department wishes not to be a member of ARVFA.

Join now and take advantage of these great benefits:

  • Support a unified voice on Arkansas' important issues that affect your Fire Department and Firefighters
  • Attend ARVFA sponsored training sessions for new and active Firefighters
  • Post your Fire Department’s info and Firefighter roster online
  • View and post statewide classifieds for fire equipment, vehicles, and materials on the Association’s website and Facebook page
  • Air Evac provides a special discount to ARVFA members - Be Sure you tell your Air Evac or Med-Life agent you are a ARVFA member
  • Attend the annual statewide meeting each September that involves a FREE Meal, FREE Door Prizes, and ARVFA Awards.
  • Insurance: Automatically receive $3,500 of 24/7 accidental life and dismemberment insurance for each Firefighter,

Supported by: American Income Life, Sarah Thomson Dufrechou
Public Relations Arkansas/Tennessee (205) 799-8449 call for beneficiary cards for VFD's 

  • Insurance: Apply to receive an additional $5,000 of 24/7 accidental life and dismemberment insurance for each Firefighter,

Supported by: Armed Forces Benefit Association, Paul Boss
Arkansas Representative, (870) 350-0272 call to schedule a visit with VFD's


 Please contact our Secretary for a Membership Form, 479-806-8658.

Contact ARVFA for more information at